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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christma Eve !!

Hi everyone,
Hows your Christmas Eve ??
Isit fun or boring?

By the way this is my story.....

On Christmas Eve morning me and my Father went for breakfast around 10 am and i had a very good CHee Cheong Fun (CCF which me and my sis call it ^^) ekhemm...... *continue my story*

Ok..... Then at around 1 pm Some of my friends accompany me to lunch at old town. Thanks to my friend who came ^^.

After our lunch we thought of going to Jusco to watch a movie like Ip Man but when we reach there the movie was 18PL (we didn't know =[ ) so we watch ChiHuaHua and thats Good(recomand u to watch it =X) So we continue and finish the movie and we got home by 6.00pm. By the way i steped on some orange in the bus : (

ok when it was 6 and i was home my sis was home too ^^ then we chit chated untill like 7.30 and when to my GODFATHER's house.... LOL

Once i enter the house i see a TURKEY on the table which make my tummy grumble.... It looks like this :

Woohooo yummy Right ^^p

when i was waiting for the food to be served i look at them preparing it...
(I helped too okay)

this was my mom cutting the turkey ^^

see yummy foods.....(close your mouth i know your drooling)

Then after my Very Extremely Nice Diner then i when to play BOMBLISS with my GODFATHER !!!! And he Yong(let me win) me because its my birthday that day =.="

hmm..... after that it was boring to wait for time pass for the presents like all of you do ^^

Then i took picture and bla bla bla......

but this is a super rare picture of Bandi < My god father Dogs name =3

this is the picture of her :

Cute leh.....

ok i'll continue it later 2nd post Blek....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Dream !!!!

My Dream Is To Own A Gamer Choice Computer.... Which it will look like this :

Ahaha Cool right??
I always wanted one of this but in this case I am sticking with a noob computer which it looks like this. By the way i named it Nighty ^^

see how noob it is T.T
But im lucky to have a computer which some of you Don't so i am damn GREATFULL for it...

Now i Wish that someone will buy this for my birthday present =3

Cool right ^^

By the way Merry X'Mas
Enjoy you holiday and presents = )

Sunday, December 14, 2008

X'Mas is coming~

X mas is coming what would you want from Santa?

My X'mas/Birthday List
-What I Want Is :

This is a very high expectation so this is will be ignore ^^,

~ I Want A New CPU

~ I Want A Lap Top

~ I Want A PSP

~ I Want A Group Of Friends Joining Me For Lunch

~ I Want Super Powers !!

~ Most Important I Want My Family To Be Healthy

~ Merry X'Mas <--- Early wishes :P

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today ^^

Hi, long time i did not update my blog Cause i was lazy ^^ sorry guys!

Today i had a very fun time with my friends ESPECIALLY Adrian Yap.

Adrian Yap

Thnx for today i had a great time ^^
Thnx For inviting me to Station 1 ^^
And the for the others To entertain me Hope we keep in touch soon enough
And Memember Monday 7.00 Basketball :P

Sunday, November 9, 2008

After editing

This is what i done just now
at my spare time!

This is a picture where i found in google Cool right??

This is the one after i edit ^^''

Cool right??


Hi guys I'm back with a new hair color!!
Guess what color isit ??
Wanna know?

OH YEAH I HATE IT~ But i am not blaming anyone

here is my photo ^^,

Oh yeah My back is Blond~

Look at the front =.="

Thinking how to explain to my father

The story is like this:
I was bugging my sister whole day to dye highlight on my hair
then she said later until at night 12.00 midnight
then she said she was lazy and dye my whole hair RED not blond
BUT she put to much of the paste tinggie but less Cream thinggie and
in the end it came out BLOND

Saturday, August 23, 2008

U Mobile~

Haha.... Today me and my family when to Time square.
When i was talking with my sis in the car about U Mobile~
Then i heard from my friends that UMobile simcard need to charge Rm 8 Lol.
I heard from my sis she said it was free of charge.......

When i though its free i should take 1.........

After we reach to Time Square we walk and walk and walk....
Then suddenly we saw a U Mobile booth.
I when in there and asked is the sim card free??
they answer YES~~
I am damn happy when i heard that my though came back
"why don't i take one"

Muahahah in the end i took 2. One for my sis and one for me~

This is the 2 sim pack~

This is my number~

This two i am holding it~

Friday, August 22, 2008

My wallpaper~

Today i was very free so i done a wallpaper for my own desktop.

So i put the name of my desktop in the wallpaper ^^

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holiday Time!

Hey Guys~

I'm back to talk about my holiday which is totally bored......

On Monday me and 2 of my friends when to Time Square.
We arrived there at 3.00Pm with a bus and i used less then 20 bucks there

On Tuesday i when to basketball with my friends and i woke up late (sorry guys)
but i still ended up playing a match of basketball ^^,
Then Jun Fai want us to accompany him to cut his hair in a salon (His 1st time in a salon)
but the salon did not open so he when back to the Old mamak baber.......

On Wednesday i when out with my friends to watch a movie. When we reach there we want to see what movie was on.. At 1st we wanted to watch don't mess with the Zohan but it will not show until the 21 of august so we chosen Wall-E.....
We waited for Chee Keat to arrive so we can enter the movie together at 1.30pm. But then
he came in the movie almost about 2.00pm. After the movie we when to have our lunch in La Boheme. We eated bread for Lunch....... Sad T.T

On Thursday i when back to my condo at 12.00 noon and enter the house at 12.03pm but when i reach home i feel damn unsafe don't know why and i fel lonely......
then when i on the computer for like 3 hours the CPU auto reboot and made me damn scared....
When i on the computer again the monitor CANT on. I was damn angry that i slapped the monitor...... i shouted this "I AM GIVING YOU A LAST CHANCE NIGHTY (Name of my desktop) OR NOT" then i on the computer again it works HEHE..... Talking to the computer Works...

So i will update my blog A.S.A.P~

Thnx for reading~

Friday, August 8, 2008


Why is GOD making me thinking about my past~
Why is GOD making me dizzy all the time~
Why is GOD making me feel bad~
Why is GOD making me sad~
Why is GOD making falling in love~
Why is GOD making so much thing to me but i
cant do a damn thing to him~
If i can ask him to do something for...
It is to let me forget my past BAD PAST
And continue the future~

-I've been remembering my past from last time
it sucked and it will make me dizzy.

-luckily i have friends that care for me~

Friday, August 1, 2008

Damn Boring Day~

Its such a boring day....

it sucked because i was dreaming a lot of stuff like :

-My Dream Girl~
-My K 660i
-My Future
-My Friends
-A Lot More

Hehe... today i just found out whose my Dream Girl but i will keep it a secret to me~

Wanna know wait longer~
Keep on coming to my blog and u will know who~

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Day Where I Am LOL~

I have alot of things to tell you guys.
When i slack for a few days i found out there was a game called requiem
Which really Rox my life~

Today when i went to my friend house i played Requiem: Bloodmare

i Trained myself to level 12 then i was to bored to go on...
So i when to find some people to PvP (Player Vs Player)
Then i killed a lot of noobs hehe(not very pro myself...)
After a long search suddenly i found a guy with a cool weapon which i will never get at this level...
My finger was too itchy so i click PvP with that guy(he was using a CrossBow)

So i changed to my Double Sword then i show him my skill and he died without touching me...
Then he was not satisfied with me....
He Changed a Double Sword then he when far far away.....
I used my CrossBow then i shoot him 2 times untill he uses his potion which everyone dont like...
(Its Only For Noobs)
Then i change back to my Dual Sword and kill him...
In the end i notice that he was a level 15....



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Pain~

Just now i went for basketball and something happend~

I learned 6 steps and Swipe(This is a Break Dance Style)

Ok back to my story hehe....

I just now just sprained my ankle and its my left ankle
It hurts like HELL......

I just said this when i sprained my ankle
"Why so serious Why don't you feel the PAIN"

haha.... all my friend laughed!

OMG~~ i think i need to stop training my 6 steps and my Swipe for about 2 weeks......

I dont really know how to go to school by my sprained ankle..........


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Frustrated Day....

Oh man....
Today is a dammn bloddy Frustrated day..
My computer got infected by 88 viruses until i cant event log in to my computer.
But now i just reformatted but i believe bad luck come in 3.

This is the 3 bad luck that i got...

But i will still believe that after bad lucks good luck will come.

Yesterday Night.....

Yesterday night i went to a party and it was fun.

Before that party i wan to KanJiong(Excited) i can't take a nap cause of it......
About 4.30pm i went up to my room and train my hands.
Then suddenly my friend Kah Key came to my house to wait for our transport
Which is Jovin's mom's Car..

When Jovin Arrived my house at 6.35pm ++
We entered the car and it was a NAZA (Comfortable) ^^

When we all Reached Teck Chuan's house
The First thing we do is check out his computer
Muahahah......... Like We Always Do As A GEEK.
Teck Chuan's Computer Specs:

1.7 Ghz of Speed
0.99MB of Graphic
0.99MB of RAM

Although his computer with 1GB of Ram its Slower than Jovin's computer
Which is only 512MB......

In the party the 1st guy who ate was The Birthday Boy hehe....
After he finish eating we help him style his hair Which became COOL
Like this:

This is how he look like when its a FRONT VIEW

This is the BACK VIEW of his cool hair.....

His party was abit boring but still ok,
i brought a deck of cards so we can enjoy playing cards
with alot of people which is like this:

This is the Group of CHO DAI DI
They played and played and played.

Those guys never give me a chance to play
so i when dancing......

This is my tired lookling Face...
This is how i look when i am worn out...
Some of them said i was drunk but actually i just took a sip from my friend...
I think this is the end of it but if its not i will update it in the other post...

C ya

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Ok, sorry for not being so active.......

In this world there are alot of dumb people
Which talk without thinking about other people...

most of them are annoying.

I feel so dumb.....

Now the love in my heart is over....
I treat the girl that i Love like a best friend or lets say sister...
Now im finding for other Love....
Which i will get to love her forever....

~The time now has come...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Class...

Hi i'm back for blogging...
I just want to tell you all how good is my class..
This is how it looks like

This is how it looks like
noisy when there is no

My Friends

This is JunFai The Chubby... This is YeeHang The Tall
(he afraid of cameras )

CheeKeat The HamSap Hafiz The Pork Face

Adrian Yap The Big Daniel The Short/Fat

Kristy The Cute Anna The Mature
(Childish) (She's Like My Mom)

Sorry For Some Of My Friends....
Cause I Don't have Their Pictures
I will update if i have.....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Release Love!

I just pull the knife out from my healed heart,
The love have just been release from it,
I will know try to forget about her,
Hopefully one day i will get back your love,
Now i will try not to choose a wrong love,
This is my last time writing a poem,
And its the saddest time for me to write,
I just got set up by a friend,
And know i can't continue to love,
Know i learn a lesson,
Not to share a really Love secret to the one,
That i will never trust,
If i do that it will happened like what just happened........

Thank You,
(This is the last poem i am going to write....
or maybe i am not going to write for myself)

Sorry !

I'm so sorry Xi Teng because of that day....
I cant really control my emotion...
That day was a really bad day for me
i was stress and moody......

I'm so sorry Teng hope you forgive me

To you to Jovin...

Monday, July 7, 2008


After the whole day in school,
We all decided to play basketball at 4.00pm
But we ended up playing it at 4.30pm which it is often.
Then we acted childish which we recorded just now.
We finish basket balling at 5.45pm
and that was early........
We usually play till 7.00pm.....
the childish video will be put in my blog later

(You will Laugh till you Drop)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Poem in Dream~

When you cry,
I'll bring you over to my shoulder,
No matter what,
We will still be always together,
When i see into your eyes,
Happiness rush through my blood,
When i use a pencil to write a poem,
It will always remind me of you.
If you are out late at night,
It will make me worry most,
This is all just a lie if you are not by my side,
I will change direction if i am fated to,
But i will try not to change the way.

Without Love by my side it will keep me quiet all the time.......


Friday, July 4, 2008

Scar on heart......

The knife cut through my scared heart,
It will slowly be infected with your LOVE,
With the knife still in my heart,
The love will never go away,
If i want it to cure i need you to be by my side......

My heart is the one and only,
But in the end it just got stolen away from you,
I feel its still not to late to give up on you,
But i cant,
Because you are the one and only girl,
That i truly Love..

-I made this poem especially for the one i love-

Hope i touched you...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Poem ~

Every time i see your crying face,
I will feel bad and lost my soul,
Every time i see your smiling face,
I feel with full confident and happiness,
To know a love like this,
Its hard to get,
Because of that faithful day,
Now my heart is stolen by you.


Monday, June 30, 2008


Today was Monday and it was the 1st day of the week.
I was too blur to go to school and even take a shower........
When i woke up it was 6.20am and i thought it was 6.45 am......
Then when i was in school i tie my tie up side down.....
And the worst thing is i took my shower(u think its normal but its not)
i use shampoo to wash my body......

And i am too blur to Blog today....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Noooo !!!!

NoOOoOoooOO !

After 2 days whit out jogging i Look VERY FAT


i need to work out every day.

Wish to get Some1 to do work out with me.....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

lol weekend!


This weekend is fun!
While my parents and my sister when to Thailand i enjoy myself at my grand ma house.
i tapped over to my neighbor's wireless connection .
then i played online games here at my grand ma house.

The bad thing is they off their internet at 10.30pm
so i cant play late at night......

Hopefully the neighbor don't read my blog.

lol i think the neighbor saw my blog.

On Saturday He/She on till 3 am lol

Thnx Aunty/Uncle.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I feel !!

I feel like i am not the only one that loves her.

I feel like my friends are leaving me alone.

I feel like Holding her hand.

I feel like kissing her on the lips.

I feel like Hugging her on the waist.

I feel like telling her that i love her every time we meet.

I feel like calling her dear.

I feel like nothing else.

Scar !

The scar in my heart just gotten larger
and larger it fell so bad.

Im sorry to my friend Jovin because i used him to realest my stress
Hope you are reading this.

i felt empty to my heart and jovin don't let other people know who i like

i don't want any girl to treated me the way like LAST TIME.
Hope you understand me!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


hi guys I already started my story at TheFixedHearted the like is this check out the


Lol Its Fun today

Hahaa...... Xi Teng u miss the school today and it was fun.

We got free sweets and chocolate from school its nice and sweet(i have a sweet tooth*)
And today I miss Kristy and time pass slow without her Cause she is quite annoying
which make my time pass FAST hope u Don't mind Teng ^^

and I felt lonely to walk around without Kristy which will always find her friend with me ^^

Lastly we did not study our BM Cause She gave us more quiiz......

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1st Picture

This is my 1st time picture adding to this blog ^^

Empty Heart

Once i hear something from my friend i felt really heart broken,
just because he is my best friend i forgive him .
Now i really have an Empty Heart that keeps on thinking about what to do
and its not really fun to know the unknown.

If u are reading this post hope u understand me.

And today i felt heart broken because of this two boys that keep on talking bad things behind my back which i hate it the most.

and the last thing i want to tell u all is:
Friend to me is important especially :
Jun Fai
Keat Leong
(and some others)

I don't use my friends for somthing EVIL

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Lukie day

Today i just recover from my fever.
and when i wanted to go home to my condo which i am in now
my grandma's neighbor took me home.

by the way:
I ate something that taste like chicken but its not
Its a Soya bean

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Happy Day Today

Im too happy today i felt like i was treated well in the day.
Its like this.Today a lot of people treat me well today and i was happy
Very happy and some one treated me well too.
I wont say whose that u will know it later if u continue to check my blog

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Recall !

I started to read my sister's old blog which is 4 years ago.
Tt reminds me of the First love i have in my form 1 year
she treat me like i was her bodyguard when she knew i loved her.
Hope she doesn't treat other people this way
and i think i am going to rest.

Gtg my house(Grand Mom)

bye~ see ya

Need Extra Income!

Hi Guys This is my second post for the day
i need some extra income to buy some stuff.
But i dont know how to earn extra income From the net
NuffNang is 1 of the income coming in but its not enough,
I need help to find something to do online hope u can help me.

School Food Sux !

Huh u would not believe this I ate behoon in school
with sambal. i know it sounds YUMMY But its NOT.
The Sambal today dont taste like raisins anymore
and it transform from sambal raisin to BONE sambal
i almost choke to death LOL but its not funny .
I having a hard time to eat the Stupid Behoon.

hope the school improve the sambal ^^

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Dreamless Dream

After school i went to have my shower and lunch.
So it was raining heavily i tried to sleep with comfort
and try not to think about anything so i could have a
dreamless dream which i think its impossible to have.
But i Dream about Xi Teng , Jovin ,Jun Fai, and Me myself
actually i wrote this story for fun because i have nothing in
my mind right now.........

Just to update my bloggie ^^

Dream Come True!

I wanted to Go out With the girl I like which i never do that before.
We went out and had fun walking around wish it would happen more often.

The girl is (Secret)

No comment !!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i Got Sack !!

I just got sack from the Private sever.

But its ok for me and i fell alot better not being the Game Master
Im to sucky for being the GM !

From now onwards i will update my blog everytime see u in the next Post!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Im Back and Promoted ! yay

Hi guys Im back for Bloging ^^

I just Got promoted To a Gm in A Maple Private Sever Wish u can join me and the other Gm in the Game. ^^

(Picture Will Be Available Later)

and i'm the creator of the web But not Forum ^^

This is the link

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kung-fu chop stick

Today is my first day of Bloggin ^^

Kung-Fu chop stick