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Saturday, August 23, 2008

U Mobile~

Haha.... Today me and my family when to Time square.
When i was talking with my sis in the car about U Mobile~
Then i heard from my friends that UMobile simcard need to charge Rm 8 Lol.
I heard from my sis she said it was free of charge.......

When i though its free i should take 1.........

After we reach to Time Square we walk and walk and walk....
Then suddenly we saw a U Mobile booth.
I when in there and asked is the sim card free??
they answer YES~~
I am damn happy when i heard that my though came back
"why don't i take one"

Muahahah in the end i took 2. One for my sis and one for me~

This is the 2 sim pack~

This is my number~

This two i am holding it~

Friday, August 22, 2008

My wallpaper~

Today i was very free so i done a wallpaper for my own desktop.

So i put the name of my desktop in the wallpaper ^^

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holiday Time!

Hey Guys~

I'm back to talk about my holiday which is totally bored......

On Monday me and 2 of my friends when to Time Square.
We arrived there at 3.00Pm with a bus and i used less then 20 bucks there

On Tuesday i when to basketball with my friends and i woke up late (sorry guys)
but i still ended up playing a match of basketball ^^,
Then Jun Fai want us to accompany him to cut his hair in a salon (His 1st time in a salon)
but the salon did not open so he when back to the Old mamak baber.......

On Wednesday i when out with my friends to watch a movie. When we reach there we want to see what movie was on.. At 1st we wanted to watch don't mess with the Zohan but it will not show until the 21 of august so we chosen Wall-E.....
We waited for Chee Keat to arrive so we can enter the movie together at 1.30pm. But then
he came in the movie almost about 2.00pm. After the movie we when to have our lunch in La Boheme. We eated bread for Lunch....... Sad T.T

On Thursday i when back to my condo at 12.00 noon and enter the house at 12.03pm but when i reach home i feel damn unsafe don't know why and i fel lonely......
then when i on the computer for like 3 hours the CPU auto reboot and made me damn scared....
When i on the computer again the monitor CANT on. I was damn angry that i slapped the monitor...... i shouted this "I AM GIVING YOU A LAST CHANCE NIGHTY (Name of my desktop) OR NOT" then i on the computer again it works HEHE..... Talking to the computer Works...

So i will update my blog A.S.A.P~

Thnx for reading~

Friday, August 8, 2008


Why is GOD making me thinking about my past~
Why is GOD making me dizzy all the time~
Why is GOD making me feel bad~
Why is GOD making me sad~
Why is GOD making falling in love~
Why is GOD making so much thing to me but i
cant do a damn thing to him~
If i can ask him to do something for...
It is to let me forget my past BAD PAST
And continue the future~

-I've been remembering my past from last time
it sucked and it will make me dizzy.

-luckily i have friends that care for me~

Friday, August 1, 2008

Damn Boring Day~

Its such a boring day....

it sucked because i was dreaming a lot of stuff like :

-My Dream Girl~
-My K 660i
-My Future
-My Friends
-A Lot More

Hehe... today i just found out whose my Dream Girl but i will keep it a secret to me~

Wanna know wait longer~
Keep on coming to my blog and u will know who~