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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dec 19 [ Edu Fair]

Today was quite a good day~

I woke up around 5.45am and start jogging to Desmond's house to meet up for parkour!
But when i reach there, no one was there except me and Yushen....

So we started parkour around 7.00am till 9.00am, Desmond was rushing so we did not
train for long!

Yushen came to my house, while I am waiting a call from Daniel to fetch me!

On 1.45pm, Daniel called me to go down and wait for him at the guard house.

The car was packed with 6 person! but luckily Me, Xi Teng, Qiqi, and Poh Li was quite skinny,
so we squeeze till we reach to Mid Valley~

So our journey continue to find some University or College~

After those hardworking finding Colleges, Xi Teng and Poh Li went to hunt for shoes or sandals...
Me, Teng Sim, and Daniel was tired of waiting, but we still waited for them!

We reach home about 8.00pm...

That's it! This is my journey for today!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a Free and Running day!

I had just finish my SPM! But the feeling was like *wth school is over and whats next?*
oh... by the way i had an invitation for a BBQ party, it was a Last Meeting Party for all of us 5G!.
And Teng Sim invited me to go for a Undang Test, but i didn't ask my father cause i have a feeling that he will not let me take it! hehe...

So today I have just recovered from a Head Pain sickness which i don't even know the name of it!
But i was fresh after it, so i invited few of my friends or team mates to be exact [H2o], for a Training day....

The only person that attended was Samson,Wen Sern, and Kuga which didn't attend for a very long time because of his Knee problem!

Here are some pictures of the today's training day!

The conditioning(Push Up)!

Jump Squat!
Teaching Kuga how to Jump,Land,Roll~

Samson's training a roll!

After those activities we went to the Vault Place!

Samson's 1st time doing a Kong!

He didn't do it perfectly but he is a fast learner~

I was demonstrating the Lazy Vault
(look at Kuga, I don't even know what he was doing.)

Getting ready for the Kong~
(estimating the length)

I Konged!

At last we were all getting tired and Kuga needs to get home
Cause he is going for a Golf Competition!
(Good Luck Kuga)

Samson was teaching me Gate Vault
(I achieved!)

My turn to Teach!
I was teaching Samson a PopVault

And amazingly he did it with at the second try!

That was all for today, Im quite tired now so see you guys later!
How i wish that All other member was here! Especially the leader Yushen~


Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi, im back and loading for blogging....

In this few days, and SPM is quite near and around the corner.
I am not quite prepared for SPM but i am trying my best to Boost up my BM especially,

Kiong, Introduced a friend of his to me her name was Eva,
she is quite pretty and friendly ^^,

Okay... i need to sleep soon~

Sunday, June 28, 2009


What happened day before yesterday was a very serious case for me...
I fell down and hurt my wrist, for that few seconds I can't even move it. I told my friend that it was dislocated while shouting....
I was so scared that my hand will be broken because it is my career to have it....
Without it i will never complete my dreams.

Ok so today my Daddy brought me to a Chinese doctor or so call massager....
He told me that I just twisted my wrist its nothing serious, so he started pushing my vain back to where it was. And i cant tell you how the pain is but you can see the video that shows the pain...

This Was the pain i had!!

after the massage it really recovered my arm a lot....
This is how it looks like after...

Monday, June 22, 2009

So happy!

Today i've just master my underbar:leg first...

and the most happy thing is few of my friends joined me at parkour Especially JunFai...

Thnx Dudes..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Perkeso camp

On my first day of holiday i went to a camp perkeso camp which held in Melaka UiTM.

I was lonely when i was first there, then the first guy i met was an chindian, he was friendly but shy....

Ok enough of him, then I started my day with a lunch they provide. Its seriously delicious...
then i went to a motivasion class. Thats was the only class i have that day so i enjoyed it madly but i haven got really any friends....

Ok the second day was damn tired.... I woke up at 4 to get ready for moral class at 5 while the muslims go for their prayers.... Then the class ended up at 7. So i went for my breakfast....
After that i saw some chinese boys, but they dont look like they want to mix with me because of their face is so LC(lan c) so then i dont mind... Then I went to another motivation class by the way this is like univierstity style of staying and going to class. Alright lets continue, then the motivation class was DISGUSTING..... They show us a clip of what will happend if STD virus happend on us.... They show us the pinus and vigina of the STD virus infected.... I almost vomited*bleeekkk*

ok, skiped, Alright no i met a friend named Jewen he is friendly althou his face look abit lan c and not friendly then the second friend named Christopher he was shy and quite but good atitude, then the next was Ken Ji, Muscular dude...

Then time passes by very fast, but i ended up missing the UiTM but its time to go home so i felt happy but missing my friends there but lukily we share contacts...

This is Jewen

This is Ken Ji

This is all of us together going home!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Career !

Now i am totally focusing on my career side which is study first
Love is not a primary thing for me anymore but now i keep on thinking what would my career would be if i study programing and stuff, i see my self working in small shops selling computer parts but my dream is to work for EA games company !

So i will work my hardest to get into a good college or university to further my studies....

Maybe i will find love some where there!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Night


Today i woke up around 8.00am just to go to breakfast with my mommy, Kai ma, Mah Mah, dao dao, kai dao dao and my sis. Then i ate Chee Cheong Fun which is one of the popular food there !
Then we went home around like 11.00am so i took a nap till 2.30pm till i can't stand the WEATHER which is so DAMN HOT so i woke up and took a COLD shower.

Then skiped a few parts cause lazy to type!

Okayz now is diner time, so my kai ma insisted to go to ISLAND RED CAFE which SUXS to the max and make me delay my diner for 3hours untill i ate pan mee.....


Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 07

Today, me and my class mates(Boys Only) we went to Tan Chong's motor.
I didn't know what are we going to be there for?
So it started at home I woke late cause i slept at 2.05am this morning, thats why i woke up around 7.05 and get myself ready. After that i went to the school and join the assembly, after the assembly we(My class and one of the other class) are the only class that seated there like a dungu. So Jason and most of them stood up and went to the foyer to sit there, Then i asked Jovin and Teng Sim to Acompany me to the canteen to get som FRIED WANTAN but they refused to follow me then i invited JASON and JOVIN to follow me so he accepted the offer and followed me to the canteen and get some Fried Wantan.(The Fried Wantan Is Damn Good!)

OK, then on the way back to the foyer we Chit Chated abit and joking around then sudenly a topic when into my head and i told him that if they were gone what would you do? then he answerd me that he will go home better then being in school~

Alright here is where We went into the bus (GOING TO SUMARISE IT)
Then i asked Jason to borrow me his Bluetooth earphone and he borrowed me,
then i asked jovin for my wantan,
we stuck in the trafic jam while we were in the jaming hours,
then we arrived.....

OK its quite boring here, when we arrived we went up to tan chong's motor Automobile Traning place... then we went into the meeting room so they started their speach and keep on telling us that automotive study will bring a good carear to those who have studied and i almost felt asleep, then i SMSed Jovin that i will not change my dream of working in EA Games...

Then, we ate Nasi Lemak and a Donut for our breakfast which was given by the Tan Chong's Motor. Its not bad but still can be eaten....

Then we went into the Course work room and see some student Repairing a car which looks cool!

But the coolest thing i've saw is a Nisan Sky-Line Twin Cam Turbo Engin which sounded like a Fierce TIGER with a good tone ^^,

And then we went back Thats all ^^

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sadness In My Eyes~

What is happening to this World or maybe just 5G class~

I feel like its separating why cant we be like last time form 4G ??

I know whats my attitude, i like to talk bad about others but sometimes its not necessary to tell it out, cause it will maybe hurt the other person im talking about or maybe relation ship of friends will be tore apart !

I wish we will be friends forever !

-Justin Chan-

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Get well soon!!




-From your Bro Justin-

Shine or Not to Shine ?

Is this my time to shine or not?

I need some answer here!!!

Should i do it or not?

Its Depressing to just see but not to act.... thinking about it makes me blur and dumb....
Should i or should i not that is the question~

Isit you? the one for me or not?

Im waiting for your answer....


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun & Depress Day~

Hey there, Yesterday i went to Time Square with my friend Jovin and Yushen..... (Nothing special right ?)

But actually we went to Hotlink Games & Anime festival event. It sounds Fun and i heard that they gonna have Cosplay all over but Only few of them dressing as maids and more lor....

So i went there about like 10.30 Am and went home around 5.00Pm.

When we reach there it looks so fun but for awhile it not that fun cause it abit small and not alot of games there(mostly hand-phone games) and it should not be called Games & Anime cause it is more to Hand-Phone Games & Movie.....

Ok by the way once we reach there there's this pretty girl with a maid costume came and ask us this.

Maid : Hi, are you a Hotlink user??
Me & Friends : Yup!
Maid : Do you play games on phones ??
Me : Yup some games~
Maid : do you want to download any games from me its just 8RM ?
Me : No Thnx (Feel shy rejecting a pretty girl's Request)
Maid : Why??
Me : Its Expensive! (In my mind thinking that why would i buy if i can download it for free online...)
Maid : Aiyo what can you do with that 8RM ??
Me : Urmmm..... Around 8000 sms
Maid : *stuned for awhile* Ok la when u want to download come find me ok??
Me & Friends : OK!

Haha... its fun talking to those girls and around like 7 of them ask us the same question except 1 girl that didn't ask us to download but talk to use instead(This girl is the cutes among all of them :] )...

Last but not least i join the Suden Attack Solo Tournament and enterd the quater finals....
They are all pro and i just started like on the spot 1Hour training.....
but i still pawn :]

This are some pic that i took with those girls ^^ and a dragon too:

one of them~

This is a Dragon name Naga for the new online mobile game cute eii?

This girl is the pretties of all~

Hehe... By the way Jovin won the maple story lucky draw! (so jelous)
when Jovin when there we started talking to a girl that incharge of the lucky draw section then Jovin told her that he bought the a-cash then he wanted to try the luky draw then the girl say come come try. Then she ask which box you want to take the maple or the cabal?
Jovin answered the maple story, then she asked him put his hand into the bowl and grab a key... then Jovin grab a key and ask her with a retard face "THIS ONE??" she smile and said ya ya.. then Jovin try to unlock the Lock it OPENED the girl's eye almost pop out from her face the reaction was LOL~ i have nothing to say ^^
Btw Gratz Vin~

In the end of the day my friends won stuff except for me...

But actualy i did win somthing its Experience for gaming tournament...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guese what i found in a Female Toilet??

Firstly, before you read IM NOT A PERVERT ok!

Ok just now when i went to the Skin Specialist my father and i went for lunch. So i was Kap Liew(Need To Use The Bathroom) so i ran to the toilet and didn't notice that i went into the Female toilet...... Luckily there was no one inside the toilet =3

I found this in the toilet :

OMG after i see this i feel so Offensive.....

Ps(Owner of that restaurant READ THIS):
Go learn how to write English before you write anything....

Back Again!

Hey Guys,

Im back for more blogs but it would only be 1 week because i just finish exam and i only have 1 week of holiday!

Exam was tough but i think i will pass it if not my HAND-PHONE will be in a very big risk~

And i went to see a Skin Specialist for my pimple....

My Father and I went to Imbi Skin Specialist at 8.30 and saw a very long queue outside....
Then i was the 11th person in that queue and ended up getting a number 39(OMG!! 11 = 39 ??).
So we waited and asked the nurse ''what time would our number be?'' she said ''12 should be your turn'' so my father said ok lets wait for 12 O'clock. We went to the Mamak shop near the place and read some newspaper with breakfast then I say a Very COOOOL Yellow Rx-7 with full body kit..... Then we went back there around 12 the nurse said its just number 17(LOL) then i felt bored of waiting but i still have the patience to go on. Its alredy 2pm its not even my turn yet and the number was only 29 or so then we waited another 30mins then my name got called out *Never Had Such A Happy Moment* So i went in and After 5MINS 5 FREAKING MINS just pass and gave me medicine and thats all..... I Waited More Then 6 FREAKING hours to just get a 5 MINS consultation ??

Had Nothing to say!

But i feel happy now when i am home not queing up for 6Hours.....

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hi guys~

Happy Chinese New Year ^^

The Invited one to come to my house are :

2.Teng Sim
3.Wei Loon
4.Chun Kit
6.Shu Mei
7.Teck Chuan
9.Guang Soon
10.Chin Nam
11.Pik Ling
13.Kah Key
14.Poh Li