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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a Free and Running day!

I had just finish my SPM! But the feeling was like *wth school is over and whats next?*
oh... by the way i had an invitation for a BBQ party, it was a Last Meeting Party for all of us 5G!.
And Teng Sim invited me to go for a Undang Test, but i didn't ask my father cause i have a feeling that he will not let me take it! hehe...

So today I have just recovered from a Head Pain sickness which i don't even know the name of it!
But i was fresh after it, so i invited few of my friends or team mates to be exact [H2o], for a Training day....

The only person that attended was Samson,Wen Sern, and Kuga which didn't attend for a very long time because of his Knee problem!

Here are some pictures of the today's training day!

The conditioning(Push Up)!

Jump Squat!
Teaching Kuga how to Jump,Land,Roll~

Samson's training a roll!

After those activities we went to the Vault Place!

Samson's 1st time doing a Kong!

He didn't do it perfectly but he is a fast learner~

I was demonstrating the Lazy Vault
(look at Kuga, I don't even know what he was doing.)

Getting ready for the Kong~
(estimating the length)

I Konged!

At last we were all getting tired and Kuga needs to get home
Cause he is going for a Golf Competition!
(Good Luck Kuga)

Samson was teaching me Gate Vault
(I achieved!)

My turn to Teach!
I was teaching Samson a PopVault

And amazingly he did it with at the second try!

That was all for today, Im quite tired now so see you guys later!
How i wish that All other member was here! Especially the leader Yushen~


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Anonymous said...

Haha! Great that you blog again! It's been months! Get ready for this Friday!