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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dec 19 [ Edu Fair]

Today was quite a good day~

I woke up around 5.45am and start jogging to Desmond's house to meet up for parkour!
But when i reach there, no one was there except me and Yushen....

So we started parkour around 7.00am till 9.00am, Desmond was rushing so we did not
train for long!

Yushen came to my house, while I am waiting a call from Daniel to fetch me!

On 1.45pm, Daniel called me to go down and wait for him at the guard house.

The car was packed with 6 person! but luckily Me, Xi Teng, Qiqi, and Poh Li was quite skinny,
so we squeeze till we reach to Mid Valley~

So our journey continue to find some University or College~

After those hardworking finding Colleges, Xi Teng and Poh Li went to hunt for shoes or sandals...
Me, Teng Sim, and Daniel was tired of waiting, but we still waited for them!

We reach home about 8.00pm...

That's it! This is my journey for today!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a Free and Running day!

I had just finish my SPM! But the feeling was like *wth school is over and whats next?*
oh... by the way i had an invitation for a BBQ party, it was a Last Meeting Party for all of us 5G!.
And Teng Sim invited me to go for a Undang Test, but i didn't ask my father cause i have a feeling that he will not let me take it! hehe...

So today I have just recovered from a Head Pain sickness which i don't even know the name of it!
But i was fresh after it, so i invited few of my friends or team mates to be exact [H2o], for a Training day....

The only person that attended was Samson,Wen Sern, and Kuga which didn't attend for a very long time because of his Knee problem!

Here are some pictures of the today's training day!

The conditioning(Push Up)!

Jump Squat!
Teaching Kuga how to Jump,Land,Roll~

Samson's training a roll!

After those activities we went to the Vault Place!

Samson's 1st time doing a Kong!

He didn't do it perfectly but he is a fast learner~

I was demonstrating the Lazy Vault
(look at Kuga, I don't even know what he was doing.)

Getting ready for the Kong~
(estimating the length)

I Konged!

At last we were all getting tired and Kuga needs to get home
Cause he is going for a Golf Competition!
(Good Luck Kuga)

Samson was teaching me Gate Vault
(I achieved!)

My turn to Teach!
I was teaching Samson a PopVault

And amazingly he did it with at the second try!

That was all for today, Im quite tired now so see you guys later!
How i wish that All other member was here! Especially the leader Yushen~