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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Day Where I Am LOL~

I have alot of things to tell you guys.
When i slack for a few days i found out there was a game called requiem
Which really Rox my life~

Today when i went to my friend house i played Requiem: Bloodmare

i Trained myself to level 12 then i was to bored to go on...
So i when to find some people to PvP (Player Vs Player)
Then i killed a lot of noobs hehe(not very pro myself...)
After a long search suddenly i found a guy with a cool weapon which i will never get at this level...
My finger was too itchy so i click PvP with that guy(he was using a CrossBow)

So i changed to my Double Sword then i show him my skill and he died without touching me...
Then he was not satisfied with me....
He Changed a Double Sword then he when far far away.....
I used my CrossBow then i shoot him 2 times untill he uses his potion which everyone dont like...
(Its Only For Noobs)
Then i change back to my Dual Sword and kill him...
In the end i notice that he was a level 15....



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Pain~

Just now i went for basketball and something happend~

I learned 6 steps and Swipe(This is a Break Dance Style)

Ok back to my story hehe....

I just now just sprained my ankle and its my left ankle
It hurts like HELL......

I just said this when i sprained my ankle
"Why so serious Why don't you feel the PAIN"

haha.... all my friend laughed!

OMG~~ i think i need to stop training my 6 steps and my Swipe for about 2 weeks......

I dont really know how to go to school by my sprained ankle..........


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Frustrated Day....

Oh man....
Today is a dammn bloddy Frustrated day..
My computer got infected by 88 viruses until i cant event log in to my computer.
But now i just reformatted but i believe bad luck come in 3.

This is the 3 bad luck that i got...

But i will still believe that after bad lucks good luck will come.

Yesterday Night.....

Yesterday night i went to a party and it was fun.

Before that party i wan to KanJiong(Excited) i can't take a nap cause of it......
About 4.30pm i went up to my room and train my hands.
Then suddenly my friend Kah Key came to my house to wait for our transport
Which is Jovin's mom's Car..

When Jovin Arrived my house at 6.35pm ++
We entered the car and it was a NAZA (Comfortable) ^^

When we all Reached Teck Chuan's house
The First thing we do is check out his computer
Muahahah......... Like We Always Do As A GEEK.
Teck Chuan's Computer Specs:

1.7 Ghz of Speed
0.99MB of Graphic
0.99MB of RAM

Although his computer with 1GB of Ram its Slower than Jovin's computer
Which is only 512MB......

In the party the 1st guy who ate was The Birthday Boy hehe....
After he finish eating we help him style his hair Which became COOL
Like this:

This is how he look like when its a FRONT VIEW

This is the BACK VIEW of his cool hair.....

His party was abit boring but still ok,
i brought a deck of cards so we can enjoy playing cards
with alot of people which is like this:

This is the Group of CHO DAI DI
They played and played and played.

Those guys never give me a chance to play
so i when dancing......

This is my tired lookling Face...
This is how i look when i am worn out...
Some of them said i was drunk but actually i just took a sip from my friend...
I think this is the end of it but if its not i will update it in the other post...

C ya

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Ok, sorry for not being so active.......

In this world there are alot of dumb people
Which talk without thinking about other people...

most of them are annoying.

I feel so dumb.....

Now the love in my heart is over....
I treat the girl that i Love like a best friend or lets say sister...
Now im finding for other Love....
Which i will get to love her forever....

~The time now has come...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Class...

Hi i'm back for blogging...
I just want to tell you all how good is my class..
This is how it looks like

This is how it looks like
noisy when there is no

My Friends

This is JunFai The Chubby... This is YeeHang The Tall
(he afraid of cameras )

CheeKeat The HamSap Hafiz The Pork Face

Adrian Yap The Big Daniel The Short/Fat

Kristy The Cute Anna The Mature
(Childish) (She's Like My Mom)

Sorry For Some Of My Friends....
Cause I Don't have Their Pictures
I will update if i have.....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Release Love!

I just pull the knife out from my healed heart,
The love have just been release from it,
I will know try to forget about her,
Hopefully one day i will get back your love,
Now i will try not to choose a wrong love,
This is my last time writing a poem,
And its the saddest time for me to write,
I just got set up by a friend,
And know i can't continue to love,
Know i learn a lesson,
Not to share a really Love secret to the one,
That i will never trust,
If i do that it will happened like what just happened........

Thank You,
(This is the last poem i am going to write....
or maybe i am not going to write for myself)

Sorry !

I'm so sorry Xi Teng because of that day....
I cant really control my emotion...
That day was a really bad day for me
i was stress and moody......

I'm so sorry Teng hope you forgive me

To you to Jovin...

Monday, July 7, 2008


After the whole day in school,
We all decided to play basketball at 4.00pm
But we ended up playing it at 4.30pm which it is often.
Then we acted childish which we recorded just now.
We finish basket balling at 5.45pm
and that was early........
We usually play till 7.00pm.....
the childish video will be put in my blog later

(You will Laugh till you Drop)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Poem in Dream~

When you cry,
I'll bring you over to my shoulder,
No matter what,
We will still be always together,
When i see into your eyes,
Happiness rush through my blood,
When i use a pencil to write a poem,
It will always remind me of you.
If you are out late at night,
It will make me worry most,
This is all just a lie if you are not by my side,
I will change direction if i am fated to,
But i will try not to change the way.

Without Love by my side it will keep me quiet all the time.......


Friday, July 4, 2008

Scar on heart......

The knife cut through my scared heart,
It will slowly be infected with your LOVE,
With the knife still in my heart,
The love will never go away,
If i want it to cure i need you to be by my side......

My heart is the one and only,
But in the end it just got stolen away from you,
I feel its still not to late to give up on you,
But i cant,
Because you are the one and only girl,
That i truly Love..

-I made this poem especially for the one i love-

Hope i touched you...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Poem ~

Every time i see your crying face,
I will feel bad and lost my soul,
Every time i see your smiling face,
I feel with full confident and happiness,
To know a love like this,
Its hard to get,
Because of that faithful day,
Now my heart is stolen by you.