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Sunday, November 9, 2008

After editing

This is what i done just now
at my spare time!

This is a picture where i found in google Cool right??

This is the one after i edit ^^''

Cool right??


Hi guys I'm back with a new hair color!!
Guess what color isit ??
Wanna know?

OH YEAH I HATE IT~ But i am not blaming anyone

here is my photo ^^,

Oh yeah My back is Blond~

Look at the front =.="

Thinking how to explain to my father

The story is like this:
I was bugging my sister whole day to dye highlight on my hair
then she said later until at night 12.00 midnight
then she said she was lazy and dye my whole hair RED not blond
BUT she put to much of the paste tinggie but less Cream thinggie and
in the end it came out BLOND