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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christma Eve !!

Hi everyone,
Hows your Christmas Eve ??
Isit fun or boring?

By the way this is my story.....

On Christmas Eve morning me and my Father went for breakfast around 10 am and i had a very good CHee Cheong Fun (CCF which me and my sis call it ^^) ekhemm...... *continue my story*

Ok..... Then at around 1 pm Some of my friends accompany me to lunch at old town. Thanks to my friend who came ^^.

After our lunch we thought of going to Jusco to watch a movie like Ip Man but when we reach there the movie was 18PL (we didn't know =[ ) so we watch ChiHuaHua and thats Good(recomand u to watch it =X) So we continue and finish the movie and we got home by 6.00pm. By the way i steped on some orange in the bus : (

ok when it was 6 and i was home my sis was home too ^^ then we chit chated untill like 7.30 and when to my GODFATHER's house.... LOL

Once i enter the house i see a TURKEY on the table which make my tummy grumble.... It looks like this :

Woohooo yummy Right ^^p

when i was waiting for the food to be served i look at them preparing it...
(I helped too okay)

this was my mom cutting the turkey ^^

see yummy foods.....(close your mouth i know your drooling)

Then after my Very Extremely Nice Diner then i when to play BOMBLISS with my GODFATHER !!!! And he Yong(let me win) me because its my birthday that day =.="

hmm..... after that it was boring to wait for time pass for the presents like all of you do ^^

Then i took picture and bla bla bla......

but this is a super rare picture of Bandi < My god father Dogs name =3

this is the picture of her :

Cute leh.....

ok i'll continue it later 2nd post Blek....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Dream !!!!

My Dream Is To Own A Gamer Choice Computer.... Which it will look like this :

Ahaha Cool right??
I always wanted one of this but in this case I am sticking with a noob computer which it looks like this. By the way i named it Nighty ^^

see how noob it is T.T
But im lucky to have a computer which some of you Don't so i am damn GREATFULL for it...

Now i Wish that someone will buy this for my birthday present =3

Cool right ^^

By the way Merry X'Mas
Enjoy you holiday and presents = )

Sunday, December 14, 2008

X'Mas is coming~

X mas is coming what would you want from Santa?

My X'mas/Birthday List
-What I Want Is :

This is a very high expectation so this is will be ignore ^^,

~ I Want A New CPU

~ I Want A Lap Top

~ I Want A PSP

~ I Want A Group Of Friends Joining Me For Lunch

~ I Want Super Powers !!

~ Most Important I Want My Family To Be Healthy

~ Merry X'Mas <--- Early wishes :P

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today ^^

Hi, long time i did not update my blog Cause i was lazy ^^ sorry guys!

Today i had a very fun time with my friends ESPECIALLY Adrian Yap.

Adrian Yap

Thnx for today i had a great time ^^
Thnx For inviting me to Station 1 ^^
And the for the others To entertain me Hope we keep in touch soon enough
And Memember Monday 7.00 Basketball :P