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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun & Depress Day~

Hey there, Yesterday i went to Time Square with my friend Jovin and Yushen..... (Nothing special right ?)

But actually we went to Hotlink Games & Anime festival event. It sounds Fun and i heard that they gonna have Cosplay all over but Only few of them dressing as maids and more lor....

So i went there about like 10.30 Am and went home around 5.00Pm.

When we reach there it looks so fun but for awhile it not that fun cause it abit small and not alot of games there(mostly hand-phone games) and it should not be called Games & Anime cause it is more to Hand-Phone Games & Movie.....

Ok by the way once we reach there there's this pretty girl with a maid costume came and ask us this.

Maid : Hi, are you a Hotlink user??
Me & Friends : Yup!
Maid : Do you play games on phones ??
Me : Yup some games~
Maid : do you want to download any games from me its just 8RM ?
Me : No Thnx (Feel shy rejecting a pretty girl's Request)
Maid : Why??
Me : Its Expensive! (In my mind thinking that why would i buy if i can download it for free online...)
Maid : Aiyo what can you do with that 8RM ??
Me : Urmmm..... Around 8000 sms
Maid : *stuned for awhile* Ok la when u want to download come find me ok??
Me & Friends : OK!

Haha... its fun talking to those girls and around like 7 of them ask us the same question except 1 girl that didn't ask us to download but talk to use instead(This girl is the cutes among all of them :] )...

Last but not least i join the Suden Attack Solo Tournament and enterd the quater finals....
They are all pro and i just started like on the spot 1Hour training.....
but i still pawn :]

This are some pic that i took with those girls ^^ and a dragon too:

one of them~

This is a Dragon name Naga for the new online mobile game cute eii?

This girl is the pretties of all~

Hehe... By the way Jovin won the maple story lucky draw! (so jelous)
when Jovin when there we started talking to a girl that incharge of the lucky draw section then Jovin told her that he bought the a-cash then he wanted to try the luky draw then the girl say come come try. Then she ask which box you want to take the maple or the cabal?
Jovin answered the maple story, then she asked him put his hand into the bowl and grab a key... then Jovin grab a key and ask her with a retard face "THIS ONE??" she smile and said ya ya.. then Jovin try to unlock the Lock it OPENED the girl's eye almost pop out from her face the reaction was LOL~ i have nothing to say ^^
Btw Gratz Vin~

In the end of the day my friends won stuff except for me...

But actualy i did win somthing its Experience for gaming tournament...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guese what i found in a Female Toilet??

Firstly, before you read IM NOT A PERVERT ok!

Ok just now when i went to the Skin Specialist my father and i went for lunch. So i was Kap Liew(Need To Use The Bathroom) so i ran to the toilet and didn't notice that i went into the Female toilet...... Luckily there was no one inside the toilet =3

I found this in the toilet :

OMG after i see this i feel so Offensive.....

Ps(Owner of that restaurant READ THIS):
Go learn how to write English before you write anything....

Back Again!

Hey Guys,

Im back for more blogs but it would only be 1 week because i just finish exam and i only have 1 week of holiday!

Exam was tough but i think i will pass it if not my HAND-PHONE will be in a very big risk~

And i went to see a Skin Specialist for my pimple....

My Father and I went to Imbi Skin Specialist at 8.30 and saw a very long queue outside....
Then i was the 11th person in that queue and ended up getting a number 39(OMG!! 11 = 39 ??).
So we waited and asked the nurse ''what time would our number be?'' she said ''12 should be your turn'' so my father said ok lets wait for 12 O'clock. We went to the Mamak shop near the place and read some newspaper with breakfast then I say a Very COOOOL Yellow Rx-7 with full body kit..... Then we went back there around 12 the nurse said its just number 17(LOL) then i felt bored of waiting but i still have the patience to go on. Its alredy 2pm its not even my turn yet and the number was only 29 or so then we waited another 30mins then my name got called out *Never Had Such A Happy Moment* So i went in and After 5MINS 5 FREAKING MINS just pass and gave me medicine and thats all..... I Waited More Then 6 FREAKING hours to just get a 5 MINS consultation ??

Had Nothing to say!

But i feel happy now when i am home not queing up for 6Hours.....